If you’re in the Philly area and have little to do this weekend, indie film “Birth of Separation” will be getting its World Premiere this Friday, September 24, 2010 at 9:30pm as part of the 2010 Philly F/M Fest. The screening with take place at Philadelphia’s Prince Music Theater in Center City, and is presented by the Philadelphia Underground Film Festival (PUFF). From the official press release:

Friday, September 24th at 9:30pm, PUFF (Philadelphia Underground Film Festival) will be presenting its first World Premiere, Birth of Separation, at the legendary Prince Music Theater in Center City, Philadelphia, as part of the Philly F/M Fest.

“I’m excited to be a part of this collaboration between two festivals and an incredibly talented group of local filmmakers”, states PUFF director, Josh Goldbloom. “It’s a true pleasure to be able to host this premiere, and by doing it as a team speaks volumes on our commitment to building a community, centered around film in Philadelphia. Birth of Separation is a fearless, uncompromising, American Indie that demanded my attention, and now all together, we’re demanding yours.”

In 2009 a group of independent filmmakers embarked upon an epic challenge: to create a work that reflects and relates to those pieces of art that had influenced their individual and collective lives. A piece that would force the audience to come face to face with violence, the motivating factors behind it and the havoc it reeks on both the onscreen characters as well as the audience experiencing the film. Further complicated by a tight shooting schedule and “shoe-string” budget, the crew emerged with a film bigger than any of them had ever imagined.

Birth of Separation follows the daily happenings of Elizabeth; a pregnant housewife, preparing to welcome her second child into the world. A knock at the door breaks the morning monotony. A young man, Jerome, greets her at the doorstep. His voice drips with despair as he clutches a stack of missing persons posters. Feeling an affinity for the young man, Elizabeth invites him in for a cup of coffee. When the conversation grows uncomfortable for Elizabeth, Jerome manipulates his way further into the home, which allows him to indulge in violence and fear. Holding Elizabeth captive, Jerome only has one request: to become better acquainted. Through a series of questions Jerome exacts meaning in his otherwise questionable existence and brings deep seeded secrets to light.

Birth of Separation was written and directed by newcomer, Louis Mansfield and produced by Dennis Hanley and Andrew P. Aguilar. The film features gripping, captivating performances by Philadelphia locals Steve Saturn and Ashley Rebekah-Faulkner. The film’s cinematography was crafted by Philadelphia’s own Adrian Sierkowski, and the film’s original score composed by Jay Wasley.

For more information on the premiere, movie trailers, photos and bios, please visit the official website haveyouseenthischild.org. Birth of Separation can also be found on IMDB.com and Facebook.

PUFF (Philadelphia Undergound Film Festival) is dedicated to bringing the City of Philadelphia a constant stream of the world’s best cinema, year-round. PUFF was created by award-winning documentary filmmaker Josh Goldbloom to provide Philadelphia a new avenue for theatrical distribution of independent cinema. PUFF’s free outdoor-summer-series at The Piazza at Schmidt’s has screened over two dozen Philadelphia Premieres, most recently hosting the Sundance Special Jury Prize winner, Gasland. Learn more at www.phillyfilmfest.com.

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