By Merle Bertrand | July 30, 2003

Mary (Daniela Il Grande) is sure that tonight’s the night her husband Henri (Christopher Cooke) is going to kill her. After all, she tells her friend Karl (Ted McGee) on the phone, Henri’s been acting rather strangely lately. Not to worry, Karl reassures her. He’s on his way over right that this minute to protect her. But when Mary opens the door a few minutes later, she finds not Karl on the porch, but Karl’s wife – and her best friend – Delorus (Felissa Primavera), just returned from a trip. Mary confides her fears to Delorus; fears that gain credence after Henri suspiciously returns home early…and after Karl is a mysterious no-show.
Will Mary survive…or does one of these three friends or lovers harbor secret plans to kill the paranoid housewife? You’ll have to watch “Birds of a Feather” to find out. I wouldn’t lose a whole lot of sleep over it if I were you, however, as director Terence Smith’s well-worn plot devices are about as fresh as warmed over boiled chicken. Devoid of any real suspense, lacking any element of surprise, and, most damning of all, missing any interest in the film’s outcome, “Birds of a Feather” is merely a serviceable horror short that’s about as unique and exciting as the average sparrow.

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