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By David Finkelstein | January 12, 2006

“Big Shtick” is a collage of clips from Hollywood films, each showing a guy dragging around his phallic symbol. All of the clips you would expect show up here: Rambo, the bone-wielding ape from “2001,” Keystone cops with their nightsticks, and a variety of swords, light sabers, and song-and-dance men with canes. The extremely short clips here are cleverly intercut, to create a rhythmically charged collage. The soundtracks generally are matched with the clips from which they come.

“Big Shtick” is fairly typical of a genre of found-footage collage which has become common in the era of computer editing. However, Egan has created an amusing and easy to like look at how Hollywood is obsessed with guys swinging that thing around. The word “shtick” in the title is no accident.

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