The Bicknell International Film Festival is proud to announce the theme of this year’s festival. “We never, ever went out to make a bad film. I don’t think anybody goes out to make a bad film.”–Al Adamson
Yeah, we know his movies are not the best, but The Bicknell International Film Festival (BIFF) will host “King B, The Fine Films Of Al Adamson” July 21 and 22, 2000 at the Historic Wayne Theatre in Bicknell, Utah. Bicknell, Utah is located 18 miles west of beautiful Capitol Reef National Park in south-central Utah.
Affectionately know as Utah’s OTHER film festival, the BIFF is proud to be the smallest film festival in the world. Featuring the longest and fastest parade (8 miles from nearby Torrey, UT/sometimes exceeding speeds of 50 MPH) and the only film fest with its own swap meet, the BIFF is a film festival with personality. And plenty of free parking!
Why Al Adamson? You see, there is a local connection to Mr. Adamson: he owned The Rim Rock Inn in Torrey, Utah, just down the street. He ran it into the ground as a matter of fact. But that’s another story. The Rim Rock is now up and running after being renovated and repaired. There is a great deal of local interest in this year’s theme as Al was kind of “unique” around Bicknell. Almost everyone has a story about him. Sam Sherman, Mr Adamson’s business partner and producer, will be attending and will be the featured guest at the Saturday Seminar. Mr. Gary Graver, Al’s cinematographer, will attend as well.
Films are yet to be determined. Check the web site, [ ]and all the details will soon be posted.

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