By Film Threat Staff | April 28, 2004

Charlie Starkweather, the psycho who inspired such cinematic bloodbaths such as “Badlands,” “Natural Born Killers” and “Kalifornia,” is finally getting a film of his own thanks to filmmaker Byron Werner and Aglet Productions.
Set in late 1950’s Nebraska, “Starkweather” tells the tale of a frustrated teenage outcast who turns to murder for validation. When angry Charlies Starkweather met even-more-angry 13-year-old Caril-Ann Fugate, it was love at first sight. In the friendly, innocent atmosphere of 1958 Lincoln Nebraska, Charlie and Caril-Ann fueled each other’s frustrations, their collective passion and anger quickly becoming a vicious, careless murder spree the U.S. had never seen the likes of before.
The film stars Brent Taylor (“DETOUR”, “Boomtown”) as Charlie Starkweather, Shannon Lucio (“E.R.”) as Caril-Ann Fugate, and Jerry Kroll (“SECOND TO DIE”) as Sheriff Merle Karnopp. Written by Stephen Johnston (“BUNDY”, “HILLSIDE STRANGLER”), produced by Mark Boot (“COLD HEART”), edited by Karl Hirsch (“MEDIA W***E”) and directed by Byron Werner (cinematographer of “SAM & JANET” and “LUCKY”).
“Starkweather” is currently in post production, but you can check out a trailer at the film’s official website.

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