By admin | April 28, 2004

Charlie Starkweather, the psycho who inspired such cinematic bloodbaths such as “Badlands,” “Natural Born Killers” and “Kalifornia,” is finally getting a film of his own thanks to filmmaker Byron Werner and Aglet Productions.
Set in late 1950’s Nebraska, “Starkweather” tells the tale of a frustrated teenage outcast who turns to murder for validation. When angry Charlies Starkweather met even-more-angry 13-year-old Caril-Ann Fugate, it was love at first sight. In the friendly, innocent atmosphere of 1958 Lincoln Nebraska, Charlie and Caril-Ann fueled each other’s frustrations, their collective passion and anger quickly becoming a vicious, careless murder spree the U.S. had never seen the likes of before.
The film stars Brent Taylor (“DETOUR”, “Boomtown”) as Charlie Starkweather, Shannon Lucio (“E.R.”) as Caril-Ann Fugate, and Jerry Kroll (“SECOND TO DIE”) as Sheriff Merle Karnopp. Written by Stephen Johnston (“BUNDY”, “HILLSIDE STRANGLER”), produced by Mark Boot (“COLD HEART”), edited by Karl Hirsch (“MEDIA WHORE”) and directed by Byron Werner (cinematographer of “SAM & JANET” and “LUCKY”).
“Starkweather” is currently in post production, but you can check out a trailer at the film’s official website.

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