By Chris Gore | May 25, 2000

“Better Living Through Circuitry” is a documentary about the international electronic dance counterculture known as the rave scene. Raves are giant, all-night dance parties that sometimes attract tens of thousands and as anyone who has ever been to one, like myself, I can tell from personal experience that they are a lot of fun. Using interviews with DJs, musical artists and ravers along with footage from raves all over the world, director Jon Reiss explores the world of these event parties. It’s not just about the music, the beat, and the fashion, it’s about meeting complete strangers and sharing the love. It’s refreshing to see raves covered in a postive way. The only time raves get any kind of coverage in the mainstream media is on the local news in horribly negative and biased reports intended to scare the hell out of parents about the dangers of drugs at these parties. On the issue of drugs, this doc pulls no punches as the dangers of drugs like chrystal meth are fully revealed.
Better Living Through Circuitry is an interesting inside look at raves, but there’s one major flaw. Do you want to WATCH a documentary about a party, or actually GO to a party? I know which one I would choose.

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