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By Rory L. Aronsky | February 23, 2005

“Best Picture” rides on a concept that could work every year, provided Tony Swarthout works on his lighting techniques and comes up with some gags that work as well as the ones here. Using the backdrop of a guy watching the Oscars, we’re treated to jokes related to the best picture nominees of the 2005 Oscars. “Sideways” has its wine, “Finding Neverland” contains the obvious but amusing Michael Jackson bit, and “Ray” is different from what you’d expect. “The Aviator” and “Million Dollar Baby” are included as well, each bearing their own brand of good-natured hilarity. Now we have something else to watch besides the Oscars, that isn’t all hype. If government censors weren’t bearing down on the television networks, this could work in covering all the films during the telecast, before the winner is announced. But at least it’s here.

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