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By Greg Bellavia | March 24, 2005

Work sucks. While the brand of job may vary the sad fact is that most work does in fact suck. A bundle of hostility aimed at office life Kevin Nibley’s “Bert Prentice C.E.O.” is a biting five minute short that is low on subtlety but high on impact.

Derrick Begin plays a nameless employee at a soul sucking, faceless corporation. He prepares for another day at the office by removing the only item he carries in his briefcase, a tube of chapstick. What the chapstick’s true purpose is and what out heroes job for Bert Prentice C.E.O. really consists of is the beauty of this short but suffice to say Nibley is able to get his point across.

“Bert Prentice C.E.O.” is well shot, able to encapsulate the hum drum drag of a day at the office. Funny and sad “Bert Prentice” is oddly affecting in how the simple message truly sums up the perils of the working world and living as a kiss a*s.

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