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By Tom Meek | November 9, 1998

Music video director Hype Williams gets down in order to get righteous, but that doesn’t happen until the film’s final chapter — after too many people have had their brains needlessly blown out over drugs, money and booty. The splintered and sputtering plot follows the “Scarface” aspirations of Tommy (DMX) and his buddy, Sincere (Naz), as they rise up the ladder of the gangster world, dealing drugs, shaking down other dealers and killing anyone who gets in their way. That’s pretty much the path of the flick until the pull-the-trigger duo see the light of god and Williams turns the unsympathetic crime-fest into a “Million Man March” moral. As a visual stylist, Williams shows opulent mastery and his heart seems to be in the right place, but the obscenity rife script is likely to glorify what it seeks to rectify.

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