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By Chris Parcellin | September 20, 2001

What sort of a kid were you? ^ I was a complete tomboy! We lived on 12 acres, I had 7 horses, 3 dogs, 5 cats, and we raised birds (finches, quail, parrots). I drove my dads tractor and rode ATC’s alot! We actually even used to rescue rattlesnakes.
How did you get involved in the whole B-movie thing? ^ The whole acting thing was by chance. My first “B” -movie was “The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure”. I had previously worked for the Director Gary dean Orona on some music videos and he called me to audition for my first acting job. FYI: Gary dean Orona is now my husband of 6 years.
Did you study acting? ^ No, I do not study. I took a few classes when I first moved to town, but realized it wasn’t for me.
Who would you really like to work with? ^ I really want to do comedy–so someone like Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito, Bill Murry, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, just to name a few.
What are the biggest misconceptions about you? ^ I have been very lucky and get taken for face value. The one thing that bothers me is when people find out you have worked for “Playboy” you are not considered an actor, they automatically assume I was a “model” for the magazine, not that I’m a host on the Playboy channel.
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