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By Rory L. Aronsky | July 28, 2004

“Barn Wars” successfully answers that age-old question that was probably not on anyone’s mind: If chickens had been a part of Star Wars Episode I instead of the actors, would the film have been better? The animated chickens answer that question, and no, I don’t think they would have. “Barn Wars” is a direct re-enactment of the climactic battle in Episode I and some moments show good bursts of creativity, but not too many.

The beginning, before the movie starts, includes some of the best Star Wars humor I have come across in these fan films (though it joins a very lengthy list) and while a new chicken-inspired interpretation of the main title music is a bit hard to follow, it’s actually quite clever. However, it soon turns into just a routine re-enactment, despite the presence of barbed chicken wire that keeps Kenobi-Fried One from helping his master, Not-Qui Don.

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