I’ve heard love and romance compared to many things, but barbecue’s a new one on me. Yet, that’s the metaphor of choice in Stacy Kirk’s gritty rural Texas trailer park love story.
Lucky’s an amiable enough redneck with a real hankerin’ for good cookin’. Unfortunately for him, not only does his long-suffering wife equate home cooking with frozen dinners, she wants out of the trailer park and into a lifestyle Lucky’s job as the park maintenance man just won’t support. When the park manager’s sweet and sexy step-daughter moves in next door in a set-up straight out of a “Penthouse Forum” letter – ahem, not that I would know – there’s trouble brewin’ under the burnt orange Texas sky. This is especially true once Lucky gets a taste of his new neighbor’s fried chicken.
The main problem with this languid, meandering film is that about as much happens on screen as occurs on a scorching Lone Star afternoon, which is to say not too damned much. Watching this film is about as tedious as watching Baby Backs sizzle on the grill. While at least the pay-off from real barbecue is worth the wait, that’s more than I can say about this ultimately unsatisfying “Barbecue…”

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