By Barry Robison | January 26, 2002

Super Turbo. Strike Force. Alpha Two. Marvel vs Capcom. Apparently the names are as imposing as the topics. Director Tamara Katepoo may have found the subject too intimidating, as we never even learn the basic concept, or differences, of the games involved. A stream of talking heads fill us in about the lives of the key players in B4, the tournament to decide the US champs of Street Fighter. We also learn a bit more than we need too about the acne-scarred champs of these games.
Things do get interesting once the US team heads to Japan, to challenge them on their home turf. Unfortunately we don’t really learn anything about the Japanese gaming culture, which is obviously an interesting subject. While the emotionally challenged US players bicker and argue before the big match, the Japanese are all about team spirit and camaraderie. Is it too much to ask to actually see one of these games, or explain the strategies the Japanese use to trounce the US? The widely skewed shot quality, mixes with decent music to form a documentary you can easily skip.

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