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By Eric Campos | February 20, 2002

Now here’s a film that proves the point that I’ve been trying to hammer home to society ever since I was born and that’s FARTS = FUNNY. Anyone that doesn’t think so can meet me out in the alley. I’ll be the skinny guy wearing brass knuckles and a s**t-eating grin.
Trevor has a problem. So much so that he seeks the help of a shrink. You see, Trevor is having woman problems. Not with one specific lady. Trevor is just having problems with getting his pee-pee wet. He just can’t get it done. Now, some of you men out there reading this know that this can be a terrible affliction. And for you ladies…well, I gotta say, I’m a taken heterosexual male that realizes a good-looking man when I see him and this guy isn’t the prettiest of dudes to gaze at. He’s got the whole long hair hippie burnout thing happening, but this isn’t the real problem.
As Trevor talks with his shrink, we’re shown that he hasn’t a problem with drawing attractive women into his web, but rather it’s his spastic colon that is his downfall. The bulk of the film shows various dates between Trevor and his object of affection gone horribly wrong due to his loose a*s lips ripping farts at all the wrong moments.
All the wrong moments for Trevor, but all the right moments for us. Here’s a short movie that truly prints to film anybody’s worst first date fear and that’s not be able to control their gassy urges. Now, we all know we do it, so I think that this film presses the point further that the amount of gas passed through one’s a*s needs to be made known right at the outset. Let that special person know the power of your a*s. Right at the beginning of that first date, grab their head, wrench it down towards your butt and just let it rip. The world would be such a better place.
Toilet humor wins again. “Bad Date” is a riot!

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