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By Eric Campos | November 2, 2002

Extras, excuse me…background artists…take their jobs very seriously, the professional ones anyways. They linger behind all of the major action, waiting for that day when they’ll be brought to the forefront and turned into a movie star. Nothing illustrates this better than this hilarious short film “Back to One.”
“Back to one” is the direction the AD calls out between takes in order to wrangle everyone back to the starting point. In this film, we watch a couple of “actors” work their way through a simple scene until “Cut” and “Back to One” and the actors prepare for another take, searching for their motivation and trying to throw a new, interesting twist into their performace. Funny thing is, the focus of the film being made isn’t on these actors at all.
Dedicated to background artists everywhere, “Back to One” will certainly put a smile on the face of anyone who has ever worked on a movie set. For those of you that haven’t, you’ll more than likely start paying more attention to what the extras are doing in the background when you watch movies from now on. Hell, sometimes the extras can be more entertaining than the main action.

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