I’m not exactly sure why the box this preview came in looked like something out of a “Justice League” cartoon; all the film’s characters boldly posed atop a streaking title with lettering that screams “adventure movie.” When this sluggish trailer hyping a fairly straightforward romantic comedy with a few screwball tendencies unthreaded over my VCR heads, I felt the same vague sense of disappointment I felt as a kid when I realized that the cartoon portion of the “Pink Panther” movies was over after the credits.
The story seems simple enough: “Babyshakes” is sleeping with sleazy mobster “Macdaddy”‘s wife and the latter is none too pleased when he finds out. Much running around and gunplay ensues, albeit somewhat flaccidly in this preview. Like a veteran wide receiver lazily rounding off his pass routes in training camp, the action in this trailer is as sharp as a butter knife. The packaging for this film is easily far more attractive than the trailer inside. Too bad, that packaging is so misleading.

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