What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done in a movie? ^ (Laugh) I was filming my movie and I wanted to get a speed scene but I didn’t want to get it through the windshield of a car, so I hung out of the window of a VW bus and asked him to drive really fast while I film it out the window. This may have been in the category of the dumbest thing I have ever done as well. Not the answer you expected, huh?
Nope. Sounds like something that might’ve even made Evel Knievel crap in his Depends-lined jumpsuit. Okay, is there anything you ever refused to do? ^ Porn and acting like a chicken in public.
I’ve done both and I feel fabulous about it. You mentioned on your website that you’ve had people in the business occasionally make “stupid comments” or “try to see if you’ll fail.” What sort of things have happened? ^ Well, I won’t mention names because that’s not important but I now have a rep as a Scream Queen or B-movie actress which is fine but I see that once you have this title it automatically makes you a bimbo sex-goddess. I’m not a sex-goddess and I’d like to believe that I’m not a bimbo. A few people laughed and said I’d never be able to make a horror movie much less direct it, mainly because I’m not tough enough and just know how to do these things. There are others that laughed in my face and to those people I simply said “Okay, cool. Laugh all you want.” (smiles) I guess you can say I got the last laugh and now it’s like oh can I be in the next film (only if ya take acting classes!).
You’re directing your first film, “Limbo.” Why did you decide to do it? ^ I wanted to see a horror film that didn’t revolve around T&A or slashers. I wanted to see something different and really strange so I wrote the script and figured I’d be the only person who knows what I want. Someone once said to me if you want something done right do it yourself.
What’s the movie about? ^ It’s about Limbo and lost souls that want to rest also about self denial and how people put themselves in their own limbo.
What sort of surprises did you encounter in making the film? ^ Oh, lots. Not everyone likes to listen to directing–mainly because they don’t share your view on things. Funny thing happened: my FX guy did this wonderful job of having a girls stomach ripped apart in the basement of a warehouse. I told him to clean up the extra blood off the floor, since we finished around 4:30AM. He was tired and didn’t really clean it, but tossed cardboard over it instead. Next day some of my cast was really late and one of them (currently my boyfriend) had a hard time getting into the building, because security thought someone had gotten shot in the basement. Needless to say no one was shot.
What does it cost these days to make a good quality indie film? ^ Honestly, I really don’t know. You can spend not as much as people would think and have great dialog, great actors and actresses, small amount of locations and a tight story and that could be wonderful. Or you can spend tons on effects and such, worry about chicks’ bods and all that mess–have practically no story and then you got great effects, great bodies and a sucky movie. Go figure.
Yeah, big shocker, eh? So, what kind of advice would you give somebody who wants to break into directing? ^ Watch the director closely before you jump into it. Oh yeah, plan on having no social life.
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