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By Eric Campos | November 29, 2004

A bookie’s debt collector and leg breaker moves into the home of a compulsive gambler, awaiting his return to dole out some swift punishment if he doesn’t have all the money he’s supposed to. But little does this leg breaker know that the person he is looking for is right below him as he’s barricaded himself inside a cubby hole in a wall of his basement, waiting for the time to make a safe break for it.

At 25 minutes, “AWOL” surprisingly doesn’t drag. It’s a tight, quiet little thriller that keeps you hooked throughout and gives a decent sized payoff for your time spent. What’s more, Daniel Weiss, as the quivering with fear gambler, and Christopher McHale, as the oafish, but ever threatening leg breaker, sell their respective parts and keep this cat and mouse game sparking with excitement.

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