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By Chris Parcellin | March 22, 2004

You might say actress Avery Misuraca has a taste for blood. As a performer in B horror movies, model for Harris Comics’ Vampirella and portraying her own creation, Vladimira–the darkly alluring New York City native has always been attracted to the spookier side of human nature. Which is perhaps what lead the sultry stunner to appear in such splatter-happy flicks as “Vampire Night ” and Troma Studio’s “Terror Firmer” (which was directed by everybody’s favorite indie studio boss, Lloyd Kaufman). As well as hosting a “Hammer Film Festival,” for Cinemax which featured the work of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. And now this resilient young lady even has several comic books coming out that are based-on her bloodthirsty Vladimira character.

As for hobbies, Misuraca’s unapologetic fascination with serial killers might send a chill up your spine, but she balances that out with the kind of sensitivity that lets her shed a tear over a case of animal cruelty she saw on the tube. Our heroine has also bagged some nice spokesmodel gigs for a company that makes coffin-shaped instrument cases for rock musicians and for an online “Halloween store.” Also pretty high on the cool meter was getting to hang out with Alice Cooper and the Misfits recently at an event at Madison Square Garden.

Not wanting to simply be a Vampirella has-been after her time with Harris Comics was up; Misuraca came up with her “Vladimira” character after a stint studying acting at the Stella Adler School in New York. She was able to parlay her little creation into being the basis for multiple comic book series, her role in “Terror Firmer,” and continued unbridled worship from the sunlight deprived attendees at comics conventions.

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