In a feat that parallels the match up of the sling-carrying David against the mighty Goliath, the founders of The Zombie by Zombwest (ZXZW) Undead Film Fest have announced their plans to return for a second year of their festival to be held on March 10, 2000 in Austin, Texas. Yes, Nathan McGinty is back!
“Last year we really did things at the last minute,” says Fest Director Nathan McGinty. “This year we’re a little better organized – we’re doing things at the last hour instead.” Despite the surprising torrential rains and uncharacteristic bad weather that drenched Austin last March, the 1999 ZXZW, held at the now-defunct Club M, was judged to be a success by all. This, despite the fact that the festival was the target of various threats of litigation and legal harassment by the SXSW (South by Southwest), INC. behemoth.
“It was absurd,” McGinty explains. “Any number of other clubs in town hold their own South By [Fill-in-the-Blank] spin-offs this time of year, yet, because our festival rocks, they pick on us. Fortunately, after consulting with our legal team, we decided to call them on their bluff. And ultimately we won.” (Details about the attempted lawsuit can be found at
Because of the intense scrutiny from SXSW, Inc., this year ZXZW Festival organizers have decided to keep the club’s location secret until the last minute – admitting only that the festival will be held on March 10, 2000 somewhere in Austin.
Another difference in this years festival is the addition of numerous sponsors, including the web ‘zine “Ain’t It Harry News” ( and the newly redesigned Austin magazine Apathy, Drugs and Driving.
Once again, the focus at this year’s fest will be on films with a rock n’roll/horror angle. The entry fee is set at $15, and all entries are limited to 25 minutes in length and must contain either a member of the undead or some other form of monster, with special consideration being given to those films displaying unspecified ‘rock’ value – although all entries are welcome. Previous year’s screenings included U.S. Super 8mm Grand Prize winner, “The Collegians are Go!!”, “Rock n’ Roll Frankenstein”, and a special Director’s Cut screening of “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh”.

AD&D Productions, 5313 Peacedale Lane, Austin, TX 78723
Call: 512-929-0605

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