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By Ron Wells | May 5, 1997

“Austin Powers” is Mike Myers’ parody of 1960’s spy movies like “Our Man Flint” and psychedelic freakout flicks like “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”. Myers plays a swinging secret agent cryogenically frozen to fight his arch-nemesis, Dr. Evil (also Myers) who has done the same. When both have thawed out, they have a little trouble adjusting to the modern world.
The 1/2 a star in the rating is for swiping dialogue from “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”. One of the stars is for putting Mimi Rogers in an Emma Peel outfit. Yikes! If she were in the whole movie, I’d have thrown in another star.
While the film feels a bit like a bunch of skits, it’s wickedly funny in trashing the conventions of the movies it apes, such as strategically covered
nudity and “different” ideas about sex symbols in the 60’s. It’s an easy date film, so check it out.

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