The Phantom Editor returns with his own web site and the real behind the scenes story that spawned the re-edit of Episode I. The Phantom Editor got a lot of publicity initially for his re-edit of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. In fact, he was going to reveal his identity and speak candidly on the television show “Access Hollywood” and his appearance was even promoted. And then, just as it was about to air, an exclusive feature with behind-the-scenes footage of Star Wars Episode II was shown in its place. The Phantom Editor now reveals his story on his newly opened web site. He tells his story in the form of a journal that he kept during all the hype. What it reveals is an extremely talented editor who cares deeply about “Star Wars.” Probably moreso than George Lucas himself. The journal recounts the story of The Phantom Edit, Kevin Smith, all the media hype and his troubled experience with Access Hollywood. The best part comes at the end, with his thoughts on Episode II. Here are some excerpts:
I just found out the name of the new flick is, “Attack of the Clones.” I know, I know, most of you think it’s pretty lame. I wouldn’t care if he called it “Two Wookies Humping” as long as he concentrates his efforts on good storytelling instead of product marketing and an effects driven plot line. ^ The sad truth is the name alone may be a sign the new film will be met with less than satisfactory acceptance. (I really hope/believe this will not be the case) So, if this whole thing goes more rotten than the fruit in my dorm sized fridge and if I am metaphorically going to go down with this whole Phantom Edit ship, I just hope that its existence opens George Lucas’ eyes to the weaknesses in The Phantom Menace and the lost filmmaker that once inspired the world. ^ If not, I imagine you can count on whole revolution of Phantom inspired fans re-editing Episode II into. ^ Ultimately, I believe the only revolution he needs to be worrying about is the one where his fans or should I say, consumers, stand in line next summer to buy tickets… for somebody else’s summer movie.
The site is compelling and further emphasizes Lucas’ need to pay attention to fan feedback. The editor’s identity still remains a secret, but his story is a must-read for those interested in the inner-workings of the mainstream media.
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