By Doug Brunell | February 3, 2005

You gotta love a movie where the message is: Stealing art can be a great prank. That’s not the first time something like that has been explored (Keith Haring actually had a piece stolen by two pranksters — well, one prankster and one thief), but rarely do you see movies about it. Usually writers go for the straight heist film. Not writer/director Nick Bicanic. He wants to add some fun to the genre.

Three college students love to play pranks, which sometimes involve theft. When Stella (Dominika Wolski) gets it in her head to steal something big, they decide to make an exact duplicate of a sculpture, pass it off as an original and make some decent cash in the process. You can pretty much guess that things won’t go according to plan, especially when one of the inner circle decides to add a little prank of her own.

Wolski is a stand-out talent here, but her co-stars, Martin Christopher and Martin Novotny, aren’t half bad, either. They make this short film shine, and it’s almost impossible to picture anyone else in their roles. That’s the sign of a solid creation. And while I don’t know if they could’ve pulled it off for a feature-length production, this film’s running time is perfect for the story.

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