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By Eric Campos | February 12, 2002

If this short doesn’t make you wanna grab a beer, then you need to get the pacifier out of your mouth and go change your diaper. Here’s a compilation of three faux commercials for Arrowhead beer. Each spot has Steven Lance, president of Arrowhead touting his product out and about Arrowhead Lake of which the beer is made from. Thing is, every commercial winds up ending in a calamity as one spot has a guy pissing in the lake, another spot has the elderly white guy Lance promoting his beer in ebonics and another spot has a taste test between Arrowhead and Sam Adams gone wrong.
It’s not the most sophisticated comic piece on the planet, but funny is funny and this is damn funny. If you get a chance to see this one, enjoy it with a Sammy like I did.

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  1. p stance says:

    trying to play back the entire collection of these parody ads, but i can only find one.

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