By Eric Campos | October 3, 2005

The title says it all! Whether you’re drunk, hooked on crank, tearing your hair out on acid, or even just sober, but are a sadistic sonofabitch and you enjoy the ridiculousness of the bloody career path Arnold Schwarzenegger has mowed for himself, then this compilation is for you.
“Arnold Schwarzenegger is Completely Insane” is a compilation of all of Arnold’s kills throughout his entire movie career starting from “Conan the Barbarian” on. It’s one death after another at the hands, guns, blades, sharp sticks of Arnold Schwarzenegger and a score is kept at the lower right bottom corner of the screen for anyone who gives a f**k.
While this piece puts together Arnold’s greatest hits, it also provides a trip down memory lane as the deaths are all shown in chronological order, beginning from his first kill in “Conan.” You get to see all the hills and valleys in Arnold’s career during this 40-minute compilation – from finding his actor’s foothold in “Conan” and “The Terminator” to becoming an ultimate killing machine in “Commando,” to falling down in “Raw Deal,” but brushing himself off to star in the blockbuster “Predator,” only to start slumming in stuff like “The Running Man” and “Red Heat” and on and on. Hills and valleys. And now, the guy’s our (we Californians) governor. God f**k us all.
Set up like the classic “Smash TV” videogame, where the objective is just to enter a gaming grid and kill as many motherfuckers as possible, the end of this comp shows a videogame Arnold standing in front of a podium, awaiting his score, which reaches – 463.
Then, after showing him killing a big, fat J in “Pumping Iron,” we’re shown clips of all of Arnold’s movies where he scored a big, fat ZERO. Movies like “The Villain,” “Hercules in New York,” and yes, “T2.”
“Arnold Schwarzenegger is Completely Insane” is jerk-off material for militant speed freaks. In other words, it’s the feel good comedy of the year.

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