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By Film Threat Staff | November 16, 2007

Are you the next Tro-merican Idol? Troma is searching for it’s next Karaoke superstar singing sensation! All you have to do is download or buy the “Poultrygeist” Kara-Yolk-E DVD from or, choose one song to sing along with and videotape your grand performance!

BEWARE! We are not looking for drunken frat boy out of key Bob Marley sing alongs while playing with daddy’s camcorder, NO! Your entry will be judged on vocal ability, costuming, location, production value and, most of all, originality!

Next, upload your video to and send us your link. We will link to ALL submissions from Be sure to name your piece something snappy and original because Troma fans will then vote on the top 3 performances!

The top 3 winners will be featured on the “Poultrygeist” DVD! Other prizes include a bootleg screener of “Poultrygeist” before it hits the streets, an assortment of Troma stickers and a signed “Poultrygeist” poster by a true chicken hawk, Lloyd Kaufman!

What are you waiting for? Fire up them pipes and send us your breast, er- best performance! Send your links to when completed.

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