Patrick Tremblay’s indie horror film plans to “Let true horror rise again!” His film, “Architects of Horror” is a return to the genre in true form. The following description sets the tone: “This is the strange tale of a young man named Maxwell in his early thirties, who becomes deeply concerned about the nature and recent extremeness of his dreams, or should we say nightmares… ^ His dreams always had a weird vibe to him since as far as he can remember, but lately, he’s been more than intrigued and instinctively, he decides to write them down in a personal journal, in hope to understand their meanings eventually. ^ Zombies and other terrifying creatures are constantly trying to run after him and presumably kill him. But as nights pass by, the nightmares begin to change into surrealistic, confusing and sometime erotic, yet still scary escapades… ^ He’s not too sure he should talk it over with his longtime girlfriend, as she started showing signs beyond mere friendly listening and compassion. Her uncommon questions are now bothering him to the point of even doubting some kind of involvement…”
Tremblay’s web site promoting the film is also a collection of other filmmakers in the horror genre who feel disconnected from the indie film community at large. Through message boards, mailing lists and community projects, horror filmmakers can unite and support each other in their projects.
Visit Pat’s web site, The Horror Community Webmaster, for all the gorey details.

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