Offering movies actually shot in and around Silverlake by real local filmmakers, the first ever AntiSilverFake Film Festival calls the Silver Lake Film Festival “a farce”. The AntiSilverFake Film Festival goes down Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2005 at El Cid. 4212 Sunset Blvd. in Silverlake. Doors open 8 PM.

Schedule of flicks:
8:45 PM Witness Protection Prods. presents: ^ BIG TEXAS — EPISODE ONE ^ 2003 color 11 mins. ^ Written & directed by Doug Tiano. A hallucinatory silent era style tale concerning two bounty hunters’ quest for the skull of Pancho Villa.
9:00 PM Pennsyltucky Pictures presents a Spite Film: ^ THE KING OF K-TOWN ^ 2004 color 20 mins. ^ Written & directed by Aaron Caine. In a town where preppies on bikes rule, a scuzzo outta-towner vies for the affections of the queen jane… a bike race to the death not to be missed!
9:30 PM Irreality Executions presents feature exhibition: ^ SOMEWHERE ELSE ^ 2005 color 105 mins. ^ Written and directed by John Beeloo. Starring Chief Drinkalot. A surreal existential loner story of one apathetic drunken nihilist taking on the machine and failing miserably. Misanthropic mayhem, YAY!
11:30 PM Paranoid Pictures presents: ^ BLACK METAL SHAOLIN ^ 2005 color 13 mins. ^ Directed by Dieter und Roland. Three guys kung-fu fight to death metal music — made by Austrians –f*****g cool! Starring Dieter Hartmann (he lives in Glendale — close enough).

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