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By Eric Campos | September 16, 2003

Like milk, CG animation is something that doesn’t age very well. It’s got about the same life expectancy as a carton of milk, too. After a couple of weeks it starts looking funny and the smell is one of rotted a*s. It’s not something you wanna keep around and appreciate for years to come. You get your fill right then and there when it’s fresh and then whatever’s left you throw away, making room for the next carton. This is the sad case of “Antebios”.
It’s only been four years and that short amount of time has been brutal to this sci-fi short about a couple different races of beings having to come together to fight a giant monstrosity. What hurts to look at most are the two human characters. It’s like watching someone get stabbed in the face with a flaming hot broadsword. You can’t help but wince.
Human beings are the toughest to pull off with CG. Even with the advancements that have been made over the past four years, there’s still very little life behind those glassy eyes, but they definitely are improving. However the humans in this short look blocky and wooden. Where’s the fun in that?
To give the film some credit though, I thought that the creature effects were alright, but most impressive were the environments. If it weren’t for them pesky humans stinking everything up, this could’ve turned to be a cool little film.
CG is just a really weird thing because it’s usually caught in between trying to be cartoony and trying to look realistic and the effect is mostly cold and lifeless. ‘Nuff said. Now I’m gonna go watch some real cartoons.

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