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By Mark Bell | May 14, 2011

Ante is a suspenseful mindfuck of a short film, cleverly written and gorgeously lensed. What starts out as a tense morning sitdown between two business executives (Greg Kelly and Steve McTigue), both aiming for the same promotion, turns into a life-or-death puzzle when a third man (David Edward-Robertson) joins the table and explains a rather awkward situation, which needs to be resolved within 11 minutes, else said businessmen won’t be getting any promotions because they’ll both be dead. The rest of the short is as exciting a thriller as one can hope for, tightly paced and… it’s just three guys sitting at a table!

If the filmmakers behind this short can get a feature together that it this powerful per minute (and maybe they already have for all I know), we’re going to see an amazing piece of work coming our way. As it is, Ante is a wonderful calling card short to let people know that this talent is out there, and ready.

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  1. Phil Meachem says:

    The film is sensational and I completely agree with this article. I have watched ‘Ante’ many times and it only gets better with every viewing. Chris is a very talented, young filmmaker with his whole career in front of him and I feel privileged to be producing his debut into the feature film world.

    Look out for ‘Shoot Out’ as we aim to put a British twist on the Hollywood Summer Blockbuster.

  2. T Shirt Blog says:

    Very impressed by the quality of this film, when you hear the amount spent it makes you question what the hell directors with big budgets actually do. In short: Give these guys the funding and they’ll smash the hell out of most.

  3. Mike says:

    Brilliant film!

    The first thing that hit me was the quality of the shots, it screams cinema!

    Storyline and script is truely gripping and had me on the edgeofmy seat.

    Great opener from Genesis Flux! Can’t wait to see more from them.

  4. Robert Holland says:

    Saw this film at the Kino Festival in Manchester, totally loved it. Everyone involved in this one should be proud. Great work guys.

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