Annie, Get Your Vibrator! In the topsy-turvy world of porn, few actresses achieve much more than the odd satisfaction of cranking-out a few dozen quickly forgotten videos–and then it’s off to obscurity in the suburbs with some cement-headed palooka and a few bratty kids.
Annie Sprinkle is a notable exception to this rule. She got her start in the XXX game in the mid-seventies–her career stretches back to the days of Harry Reems and Linda Lovelace (she staunchly defended Lovelace when I off-handedly referred to Linda’s story of being “forced” to appear in porn films).
Way past the age when most people want to look at her in a porno film, Sprinkle is still going strong today and, apparently, takes pride in her work.
[ Why do you think you became such a legend in adult films, when other people from your era have been totally forgotten? ] ^ First of all, I have stayed involved in making adult films a lot longer. Second of all, I succeeded in taking my low brow world of prostitution and porn into the high brow ART world. Also, four segments on HBO’s “Real Sex” didn’t hurt. And I think people appreciated my compassion. That it came through in my work. Big tits help, too..
[ Yeah, you’ve got a couple of real pontoons there. What did you think of “Boogie Nights”? ] ^ I loved it. It was very realistic–I thought–to the porn world I knew in the 70’s. I think it’s a fantastically made film, too.
[ What do you think of the whole Linda Lovelace deal? Is she nuts or what? ] ^ Don’t call her nuts, please.
[ I must interject, I didn’t call her nuts. I asked you a question. ] ^ I adore Linda Lovelace. She was my first porn star I ever saw, and she’s still the best in my book. I hear she might be resurfacing to sign autographs at an upcoming event. She was in an “abusive relationship”, and she had to get out, and let go of her past. I believe she loves sex, and that she’s still a very cool person. I hope to meet her one day again. I dedicated my “Lifetime Achievement Award” from AVN to her.
[ Do you do many shows? ] ^ About seven gigs a year. In theaters that do theater and performance art. I don’t do burlesque or mainstream sex work at all any more. Haven’t for ten years.
[ Do you prefer your life now as compared to when you were making XXX films? ] ^ I’m still making XXX films. My new film, “Annie sprinkle’s Herstory of Porn” has clips from about 70 of my movies, and running commentary. It’s playing in film festivals now all over the world, to good response. It’s art, but also has fisting, golden showers, amputee sex, you name it, it’s got it. But it’s post porn.
[ What’s your take on today’s porn biz? ] ^ I think it’s growing branches in every direction. There’s some great stuff, and there’s some s**t. I review sex films for the Museum Of Sex’s web site, I review three films a month, and do an interview with someone in porn. I like that there’s a lot of variety. Porn is a reflection, like in a mirror, of our sex in our society. Some of it’s ugly as hell, and some is beautiful and human and delightfully playful, weird, wild, hot, etc.
[ Would you advise against a career in porn in this day-and-age? ] ^ No, I advise everyone to make porn. The more porn the better. Just be sure you have safe sex. And do it without hurting anyone ever. Like with S&M: safe, sane and consensual.
[ What’s next for you? ] ^ I’m working on a PhD. If all goes well, I’ll be Dr. Sprinkle, Sexologist, by the end of the year.
[ Gee, I hope my insurance will pay for those visits! So, Is there anything left for you to try sexually? ] ^ Long-term monogamy.
[ Okay, the youngsters want to know: What’s your message for America’s youth? ] ^ Be honest to yourself and to others. It’s the most erotic thing of all. To be in the truth of the moment is best. And know that your sexuality (the truth) will always be changing. It’s very fluid like life itself — it’s always full of surprises, never say never, and live it to the hilt. And help decriminalize prostitution. We can’t be a sex positive society, until we see sex work as a benefit to a community.
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