By Rory L. Aronsky | March 30, 2005

With a “trailer voice” trying too hard to sound like David Ogden Stiers, “Anakin Dynamite” takes what you love about “Napoleon Dynamite” and rehashes it for absolutely no reason at all. Anakin Dynamite (Jon Baker) has all the problems of an average teenager in a small galaxy, including looking like he’s taken some kind of sleeping pill mix that includes more downers than recommended. And of course it wouldn’t be a stale parody without taking some of the dialogue popular in “Napleon Dynamite” and changing it to reflect Star Wars.

When ideas brew that could make a short or feature film better, that’s when it’s heir apparent that the work in question has some major problems. Plenty of fresher ideas crop up after watching this, but better that this exists in its own malnourished universe. Let no other “Napoleon Dynamite” parodies pass through the Internet, because “Napoleon Dynamite” is its own parody.

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