By Film Threat Staff | March 23, 2000

So maybe she flopped at the Oscars last year (dressing as Queen Elizabeth? Come on…), but Whoopi Goldberg will take her Oscar schtick to the ‘Net come Oscar night, thanks to Real Networks and their site. Whoopi’s first major online event in conjunction with RealNetworks, Inc will take place Sunday March 26, from 8:00pm to 11:30pm ET. She’ll be hosting a live, interactive, audio-only webcast and commentary on this year’s gala event featured exclusively at and on the and Screening Room channels in the RealPlayer.
Calling the webcast an irreverent comedy web event showcasing Whoopi Goldberg’s unique talents (they obviously haven’t seen “Eddie”) and incorporating interactive features, such as viewer email, allowing crackpots… er, viewers from around the world to submit their email comments, some of which may be read live by Whoopi.

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