Winter returned to Park City today, which was actually kind of a good thing. The temperatures have been so relatively warm these past few days, this place was starting to look like the Midwest in March: gritty, slushy, dirty snow melting into muddy quagmires. Today, though, saw steady and at times heavy snow turning the town into the proverbial winter wonderland. Can you tell, since I’m rambling on about the weather, that today was kind of a slow day? It was sort of the “eye of the hurricane” day, to continue the theme. A “limbo” day after the big party, but before the “What I Like About You” World Premiere. Perfect timing as we need to catch our collective breaths. After the morning’s lengthy post-game analysis meeting spent sharing adventures, gossip, and buzz about the party, it was back on the streets. Our Flyer Patrol resumed their assault on available buildings and storefronts. Tony spent a large part of the day helping our Executive Producer with his travel plans as well as coordinating an acoustic performance by members of our soundtrack band at Slamdance HQ. Jeff did some more media sessions. Jimmy worked through party fallout with our publicist and producer’s rep. I continued my near-residency at Slamdance, where I attended screenings, breaking away only to check in with NoDance and Slamdunk. In short, as routine and uneventful a day as you’re likely to get at this festival Mecca. Nothing too dramatic or exciting for a change. So, I did what everyone does when there’s not much to say: I talked about the weather. Since tomorrow night’s the screening, I’d guess that that’s about to change.
Highlights and Impressions: I’m so tired of carrying stuff…With snow again covering the ground and Park City’s penchant for outside evening Christmas lights, it feels more like December, not January, 25th…Gore beats Bradley, Bush wins weakly in Iowa, Tennessee (?!) vs. St. Louis (?!?!) in the Super Bowl. Does anyone here talk about anything other than film…I run six miles five times a week. But five days in thin mountain air on the horizontally challenged incline that is Main Street, and I guarantee I’m in better shape now than when I left…It’s showtime, folks!

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