If you were a vampire, who the heck would possibly make a better victim than Misty Mundae? With her innocent peaches n’ cream good looks and steamy sexuality, Ms. Mundae really lights up any movie she appears in. And also, as it turns out, these are the qualities that make her just right as the naive, young American girl in “An Erotic Vampire in Paris.”
Mundae arrives in Paris to see her mother’s grave and get some closure, but she is soon set-upon by a scummy mugger/rapist (Christopher Bierke) who leaves her destitute. As Mundae wanders around the great city she become acquainted with a seductive lady vampire (Mia Coppia a.k.a. Tina Krause) who befriends her and takes her home. They soon become intimate and this is when the vampire must decide if she wants Mundae as a lover or as a blood donor.
“An Erotic Vampire in Paris” is a fairly standard Seduction Cinema production, but the film definitely has some moments of real eroticism–particularly the love scenes between Mundae and Coppia–that make it a cut above much of their fare.
DVD extras include interviews with the always-cute Mundae, as well as writer/director Donald Farmer–who gives some insights into his approach to filmmaking. Ditto for the “behind the scenes” footage, which gives a nice peek at low-budget, on-the-run auteuring.

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