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By Eric Campos | November 2, 2005

“Americano” is an exhilarating trip through Spain as three American college graduates blow off some steam, indulging in all this foreign land has to offer, which includes taking part in the running of the bulls.

The movie is driven by character experience more than plot. As Ryan (Timm Sharp), Michelle (Ruthanna Hopper) and Chris (Josh Jackson) venture further into Spain, they take the viewer right along with them, making for a kind of European vacation for the audience, with clueless, but adorable travel guides no less. Amongst other places, their travels bring them to a bar called “Americano,” where they run into the tripped out bar owner played by Dennis Hopper. Chris also meets a mysterious Spanish woman, Adela (Leonor Varela) who takes him and his friends in at her home, quickly turning their adventure into a quiet countryside vacation. Things get even more interesting as Chris and Adela form a bond as the relationship between Ryan and Michelle begin to show signs of strain.

Beautifully shot and filled with lovable characters you could watch for hours, “Americano” is an amazing journey that makes one yearn for travel. Now, who’s coming to Spain with me?

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