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By Eric Campos | January 3, 2006

Before adult movie theaters, before video rental porn and Skinemax and before high speed Internet smut, adults would gather in private parties to get their rocks off by viewing black and white film reels of some pretty brutal people doing some rather kinky stuff. Of course, this made ripping off one’s pants in order to m********e like a wild fiend kinda difficult, but that’s why God invented pocket pool.

Filmmaker Ben Meade returns with another interesting doc, this one focusing on the porn of yesteryear – stag films. From the ‘20s through the ‘60s, perverts looking to get off while watching other people get off had to put some effort behind getting their naughty little peep show off the ground. These old black and white nasties weren’t readily available and, for awhile, they were even illegal to watch. You had to know someone who could set up a screening for you, someone with a projector and reels of filth. So people would organize private parties, hiring their friendly neighborhood smut peddler to entertain them with films that often contained ugly people doing bad f*****g. Hey, there was no room to be picky back then – h***y beggars couldn’t be choosers. “American Stag” sheds some light on this era of sleaze, taking us on a trip down memory lane through interviews with people who were around during that time, as well as professional perverts such as Adam Corolla, Tommy Chong and Chris Gore. Intercut with these enlightening, and often very amusing, interviews is classic stag film footage, culled from the carnal crypt. Ben Meade offers a porn history lesson, a lesson that will remind you how spoiled we are today. Whackers around the world salute him.

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  1. lindsay says:

    wow, I would love to see this!

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