By Chris Gore | July 4, 2001

The dumb fun film of the summer has arrived. “American Pie” is a return to a classic film story – the tale of four guys trying to get laid before the end of high school. It features a scene that will long be remembered in film history. Yes, one of the boys has sex with a pie. His manhood makes love with a confection. He sticks his penis into a pastry and pumps. This is one of the greatest teen films of all time.
They should have retitled this “Porky’s 2000” as each of the boys scramble to lose their virginity by any means necessary. There’s even a scene that rivals “There’s Something About Mary” for the best use of man marmalade in a film. It combines spooge and spirits in a way never before seen in cinema. “American Pie” is smart raunch, with a heart. In fact, I’m so inspired by this film, I’m going to pick up a box of creme-filled Ho-Hos and some kleenex and I’m going to have some fun.

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