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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | October 10, 2008

“American Nudes” is a near priceless collection of erotica and pornography from five decades, acting as an incidental time line of the medium overlapped with jazz and bebop scores. Though the shorts are often very sexy and arousing, “American Nudes” true purpose is as an observational tool to the origins of sex as exhibition and how much we’ve changed as a culture to where once the mere sight of a woman’s stockings was strong enough to incite cold sweats, while now women slamming each other with dildos is considered the norm and often ho hum.

Cult Epics explores the progression of erotica not only as a form of sexual release to an often frowned upon practice, but also as a look at the progress of American pornography that becomes significantly hardcore as we visit the lingerie, champagne soaked S&M reels of the 1930s and ’40s, the wrestling reels of the ’50s, to the fervor and grit of the 1970s that introduces the presence of girl on girl, oral sex, vibrators and orgies.

My favorite era would have to be the sixties where every woman presented a grace and pure sexual allure with every bent knee, dapper smile, and hour glass body. The inevitable question asked with this collection of shorts is: where does it end? We’ve broken nearly every taboo known to society, so where does normal pornography become dated and where do we go from there? “American Nudes” is a wonderful tapestry of a bygone era that introduced some of the most beautiful women ever filmed (who often tend to put today’s porn stars to shame).

Once the sixties are introduced, the women become bustier, vivacious, and absolutely amazing. The once outlawed form of sexual curiosity brings with it the advent of home security and comfort with the vast selections of over three hours on DVD; as an enthusiast of pornography vintage and modern, this was a real thrill to sit through. Not everyone enjoys today’s array of implants and botox-induced youth, and “American Nudes Volumes 1, 2, and 3″ provides an outlet for folks more in the mood for women whose looks were natural, for better or for worse.

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