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By Stephanie Donnelly | January 11, 2001

That Martina Hingis. She sure can whack a mean tennis ball, but what’s with the spastic shoving matches and the almost-skirts? And Bill Cosby? He may bring a glow to your heart when you think of Dr. Huxtable and the gang, but did you know that he only goes by Dr. William H. Cosby for his behind-the-scenes credits? By the way, that doctorate is honorary. But then again, he was Fat Albert…
This is the dilemma that confronts you when you visit [ ] Flip through a huge line-up of celebs and pseudo-celebs, and slap a 1-10 rating on them before moving on to the next victim. It’s simple, fun, and very, very addictive, though maybe not quite as naughty as those “Rate My (private part)” sites.

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