By Eric Campos | May 13, 2003

God I love New York! And this beautifully shot black and white film makes me want to go back there right now!
“Always Remember” focuses on a businessman, too wrapped up in his own affairs to notice anybody else in his presence. Walking through the snowy streets of New York with cel phone attached to his ear, he pays little mind to the blind man he accidentally knocks over nor very little thought to the styrofoam cup he knocks out of a homeless person’s hand. But as he continues his journeys throughout the city, he’s plagued by run ins with the blind guy and homeless man at every turn until he’s forced running into the street in front of a moving car.
But then the alarm goes off and it was all a dream…or was it? Now on his way to work for real, the businessman bumps into the blind man again. But this time does he help him out? You’ll have to seek out “Always Remember” to find out.
Lesson learned here is that you should always remember your fellow man in need, otherwise some crazy Twilight Zone stuff’s gonna happen and nobody wants that. Gorgeous looking film with a somber, yet very soothing musical accompaniment.

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