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By Film Threat Staff | November 5, 2003

For better or for worse, “Star Wars” fans continue to make their own “Star Wars” themed films, many of which are wildly amusing while others are so bad that they should be frozen in carbonite and jettisoned off to a galaxy far, far away. The following list is made up of what we deem as the very best of the Star Wars parodies, documentaries and even rip-offs we’ve seen since “Star Wars” first hit theaters over twenty-five years ago. Enjoy!

Attack of the Returning Phantom Filmmaker’s New Empire
OB/GYN Mary Ellen receives a message from The Hologram (Gabrielle Maisels), located inside a figurine of R2-D2, requesting help because The Phantom Filmmaker has come up with the “Ultimate Fan Film” that has the power to destroy all other Fan Films.

Fall of a Saga
Probably one of the most thought provoking Star Wars fan films out there, offering a possible solution to what went wrong with Lucas’ new trilogy. For “Star Wars” fans who feel betrayed, “Fall of a Saga” offers a New Hope.

The Formula
Meet Tom “Servo” Harrison, fulfilling a dream of his to make what he sees as the perfect fan film. “The Formula” will be a great surprise to those seeking out a good Star Wars fan film that’s not made up exclusively of angst-filled Jedi, stormtroopers, over the top villains, or whatever the norm is nowadays.

Hardware Wars
The original Star Wars parody is still one of the best! Starships and weapons have been turned into household appliances and Chewbacca is a muppet – the Wookie Monster.

Jar Jar Binks: The True Hollywood Story
In this mockumentary, Jar Jar is a drug addict, a drunk who is only appreciated for his comic genius in France? You better believe it. Following in the tradition and style of cable TV’s “E! True Hollywood Story”, we learn about the life of Jared Herbert Binkelstein.

Silent But Deadly
Directors Jeff Cioletti and Lou Tambone have taken it upon themselves to come up with one really frickin’ funny silent film short. George Lucas is pissed as hell at three Internet-surfing Star Wars fans who have revealed too much of the plot of “Episode II.” Lucas sends out his two top Stormtroopers to find these three dudes and give them a deserving, and hilarious, helping of justice.

Star Wars Kid
Not really a short film, but how could we leave out the great Ghyslain, otherwise known as the Star Wars Kid? In November 2002, a 15-year old kid from Quebec named Ghyslain was playing around at his school’s video studio and recorded himself fighting a mock battle, using a golf ball retriever that stands in for the famed Darth Maul lightsaber in “Episode I.” His friends soon found the tape and in April of this year, it found its way to Kazaa. The rest is history.

The Star Wars equivalent of “Heavy Metal Parking Lot.” There have been about five films that document that fateful “wait in line for Star Wars Episode I”. Most are not very good or at best, they’re average. Fun to watch if you’re into Star Wars and fandom – for others, utter torture. Certainly any filmmaker interested in the subject matter must grapple between the feelings of being a fan versus being a filmmaker. Director Dennis Przywara casts a critical eye in his inside look at fandom, while still maintaining the heart of a true fan.

The Turkish Star Wars
Not a parody, not a documentary, but a shameless rip-off of not only story elements of George Lucas’ original “Star Wars,” but actual scenes from the film as well. Blended with music from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “Flash Gordon,” this outer space adventure is definitely soemthing to see. Star Wars fans won’t believe their eyes.

The Untitled Star Wars Mockumentary
There is something here to offend everyone associated with big time Hollywood; the computer wizard turned special effect lackey, the yes men who kiss a*s to all above them, and the director that’s gone mentally mad with power. All done in good fun, “The Untitled Star Wars Mocumentary” is something that all disgruntled Starwoids have been salivating for.

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