By admin | April 14, 1997

Thank God it’s not “Kids”. “All Over Me” can have a nasty edge but a big heart. Claude (Alison Folland) and Ellen (Tara “Freeway” Subkoff) are a pair of 15 year old girls living in Hell’s Kitchen. School’s almost our for summer, and Claude would like to start a band. Ellen, however, is focused on her new boyfriend, a nasty piece of work named Mark (Cole Hauser). As
Ellen gets deeper into drugs and Mark’s lifestyle, the awkward Claude develops both a protective and sexual crush on Ellen. Soon, even Mark is
concerned about Ellen. The parents and other adults prove ineffectual
except for new neighbor and musician, Luke (Pat Briggs). Something happens
about a third of the way in that will change everyone’s relationship to each
other, but I’m not telling.
The film is neither heavy handed nor sentimental. The Sichel sisters, director Alex and writer Sylvia, have produced an honest document of a young
girl’s emerging sexuality, and sexual preference, while dealing with the issue of trying to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.
Does this all sound a little too earnest? It doesn’t come off that way. It doesn’t play as an issue movie or a sensationalist one. It’s about reaching the age where you have to make choices, and sometimes those choices will cost you.
Hey, it sucked to be 15. This picture should be required viewing for all teens.

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