By Admin | March 13, 2001

HOLLYWOOD BLACK FILM FESTIVAL REVIEW! Flawless (Tyrone Gibson) wants to become a big-time rapper, but those larger-than-life dreams don’t put money on the table for live-in girlfriend (Christine Carlo) and their infant son. The easy financial fix of a life of crime lingers overhead, offering a tempting solution for it all… or a huge risk that could result in nothing.
If this sounds like boilerplate urban drama to you, you wouldn’t be mistaken; this is a story that has been told many times over, not to mention better, in the past decade. That said, while his efforts hardly make the film a distinctive piece of work, director Adisa Clyde Jones coaxes decent performances from Gibson and especially Carlo; and the always-terrific Harry J. Lennix (“Titus”) lends the film some credibility and class in his role as Flawless’ uncle.

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