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By Mark Bell | June 11, 2007

Don’s last wish before leaving for home was that we, at some point, visit this casino/bar called Ellis Island. We had been informed about it earlier in the fest, and told glorious stories of $1 beers, karaoke, food… it seemed too good to be true. After the official festival party at the Venetian’s Tao club, Don, Jamie and I took a cab to Ellis Island and… everyone should check this place out. We’re talking a low-cost gem in the middle of glitz. We watched some amazing karaoke performances… and some not so amazing (this one guy’s Johnny Cash does Toto’s “Africa” take was painful beyond belief). Still, I think we had three or four rounds and it cost all of $15. Then, to end the evening on a higher note, we walked to the 7-11 next door and ate hot dogs and taquitos on the front stoop. The only thing missing was Jay and Silent Bob trying to sell us weed.

The party at Tao was fun, mainly in that I’m meeting more and more of the filmmakers (and seeing those familiar faces that I adore seeing year in and year out). The music was the same ironic 80’s remix we’ve heard everywhere on the Las Vegas casino loop, but it was at a level where one could still have a conversation.

Today’s screening agenda includes “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” for myself and “Careless” for Jamie. Then I might finally see the “Great World of Sound,” which is turning out to be one of those movies (there’s always one per annual fest circuit) that plays every festival I attend and yet I never see it. The fact that it’s opposite “Kurt Cobain About a Son,” a film I have seen but absolutely adore, may cause an outside conflict.

Don, we miss you already!

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  1. Don Lewis says:

    I’d miss you guys more if I could wake up. Ugh….great trip, GREAT fest…not very restful though. As the signage says, “you’ll sleep when it’s over” and sleep I shall….

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