By Admin | June 21, 2011

Coulrophobics beware! All Dark Places packs a creepy clownish punch while taking a look at a dysfunctional family unit destined for permanent disarray.

Christian (Joshua Burrow) and Jamie (Stephanie Fieger) are giving their relationship one more go, in an effort to do what is best for their son Dylan (Dylan Mars Loff). Nevermind that the two have been in couples counseling for years, and obviously hit that last straw a long time ago, things appear to be good… at least when they’re f*****g. For the most part, when the coitus stops, Jamie starts second-guessing the relationship, and Christian, despite his seemingly better efforts, cannot steer clear of partying with his friend (which was a contributing factor to their relationship’s problems previously) and making things worse. And if that wasn’t bad, Dylan keeps having conversations with a clown (Liam Seide) in his closet, who goes from creepy conversational confidant to straight-up spook. Eventually, Christian is seeing the verbally abusive and disturbing clown everywhere, and things go downhill from there.

As far as creepfests go, All Dark Places delivers. Seriously, anything with a clown in it automatically becomes disturbing at some point, and having that clown pop up on the periphery only heightens the creep factor. While things play out with Christian and Jamie, including the poor decision to try and get closer, at the suggestion of their therapist, by taking LSD together (if they weren’t seeing the clown before…), the real mystery becomes what the clown has to do with anything. Is it a figment of Dylan’s mind? Is it a ghost from Christian’s past? What is its motivation?

All Dark Places leads me to believe that some families are better left separated, and if your kid is having conversations with a clown in their closet, and not screaming in fright, then you might want to get the kid checked out.

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