By Chris Parcellin | July 22, 2005

You grew up in a Northern California town with a population of 300. What was that like?
Growing up in a town with a population of 325 was definitely an unusual experience. My family actually lived on the outskirts of Vallecito, so we didn’t even live in town! My parents opted not to have electricity in our house, so imagine that! The roughest part was being a teenager with no phone!

You must’ve been the center of attention there. Right?
I was not popular in high school, definitely not prom queen. I was a bit of a bad girl! I cut a lot of classes and snuck out of my parents house more than once… but remained a virgin all through high school!

Was acting something you always wanted to pursue?
I’ve always been an actress. When I was very young, my entire family would put on plays just for eachother. I participated in plays all through elementary school and high school. I loved being on a live stage with an audience.

Did the Playboy stuff cause a lot of jaw-flappin’ back home?
When my Playboy centerfold was released, it made the front page of our local newspaper. I don’t think anyone was shocked or surprised. I’ve always been the rebel!

What was it like being a Playmate? You must have some wild stories.
Being a Playmate is a very fun part of my life. I say is because I am still actively involved with Playboy, even more so now than when I was a Playmate in ’94. The fact that Hef is single again and the brand is exploding helps out in that aspect.

You must’ve gotten to hang out at the Playboy mansion. Was it a decadent scene?
The best part of Playboy is that we get paid to party and have fun! I can’t think of a better job. The roughest part is when you have to do promotions as a bunny and it’s cold and rainy. Our ears and tails get wet and we can’t wear raincoats!

How about Hefner? Is he the wild, elderly horndog he’d like us all to believe?
Hef is such a gentleman! He has always been so sweet and generous. I thank him for choosing me to be a Playmate. It has opened up many opportunities in my life and career.

Do you have a screen role that you’re particularly proud of?
I honestly don’t have any screen roles I’m proud of. I have done a few cheesy films and have only watched them once! I was too embarrased to watch more!

What’s the biggest misconception about you?
The biggest misconception of me is that I am a gold digger, because I am a Playmate! I have actually had people tell this to my face. The reality is so far from that! I am a hard worker and I love to stay busy and be independent.

What kind of movie would you really like to make? Who are your role models?
I would love to star in a comedy. I love Goldie Hawn and think she’s sexy and funny…a lethal combination! She’s also a very shrewd business woman, a smart cookie!

What’s your message for America’s youth?
My message to today’s youth is: Stay in school, read books and learn to manage your money on your own. You won’t believe what a difference knowledge makes! Also, don’t buy into the whole “you need money to be happy” bullshit! All you need is love!

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