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By Rory L. Aronsky | May 8, 2004

One of the comments about this Greg Pak pleasure on Atom Films is, “There is a little laugh at the end, but the plot is otherwise totally flat.” Flat? Brother, you obviously didn’t see the buildup that developed throughout. And how many of the thumbs down do you want to bet had, by looking at the title, the tissues and pump lotion out and ready?
What’s here is pure hilarity. Many women, in the office, shower, and in bed, slowly begin to feel something. It’s noticeable by the slightly upturned mouths, the sudden moaning, and the slow movement. It then grows, and grows, and grows. More energy than Meg Ryan at a deli! More moaning than a school-bound kid objecting to the fact that he or she has to trudge through class after class yet again! This is just too good to continue discussing. Get to this one right away!

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