This re-telling of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” presents its viewers with a production overflowing with talent and imagination so much so that I hold this one right up there with Svankmajer’s “Alice”, my favorite of all the “Alice in Wonderland” film versions out there. If you’re in the mood for high silliness, this trip down the rabbit hole comes strongly recommended.

This Alice finds herself trapped and unappreciated in a job that has her so bored she really has no idea what to do with herself other than take ridiculous orders from her oppressive boss. Enter a mysterious man wearing a white jumpsuit and gas mask, who leads Alice down the longest elevator shaft in the world that ultimately finds her in Wonderland, a pop culture nightmare world that presents twisted spoofs on popular television shows and personalities at every corner. From here on in, Alice’s misadventures play kinda like an “Alice in Wonderland” themed “Kentucky Fried Movie.” This film could’ve easily been a disaster in the hands of another, but director Robert Rugan and crew keep this one crackling with bizarre ideas, a great sense of humor and awesome performances. Most notable is Will Keenan as the Queen of Hearts, a stroke of casting genius as no one’s filled that part better. Maggie Henry as Alice and Kyle Holman as Her Hatta are also exceptional in their respective roles.

This movie is a rollercoaster for sure and if you’re not ready for it, could leave you feeling like you’ve just had a case of fine malt liquor bounced off your head…man, I love it when that happens. Rugan’s “Alice” is a non-stop entertainer. With marvelous special effects and glaring heart and soul, this one stands as an excellent demonstration of talent overcoming budget. Rugan has shown us that you can do anything with an indie.

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