By Daniel Bernardi | March 6, 2006

What would happen if one day the world disappears and you are the last person left on Earth? What would you do? Would you be elated or gloomy? When Alaina naively wishes the world would go away, without presage and much to her disbelief …it does!

With an empty world at her feet, Alaina ponders a life of solitude and begins to discover that life as she knows it is null and void. Stripping away all of the elements essential for a life within inhabited society, Alaina begins to discover that all we hold sacred is merely a requisite dictated by those around us. The social order makes all of the rules we abide by so when society boils down to one person the limits are endless but there will be no concept of time.

Has Alaina’s wish actually come true or could it be her heaven, hell or purgatory? I guess this answer can be found in the viewer’s personal perception of what could be considered good or bad? “Alaina” is almost like a choose your own ending type of story which means different viewers will all be watching a different movie. The film ultimately asks would the world be a better place if there was only an Eve.

A high-concept film that is ethereally directed by young filmmaker Adam Stolfo with stunningly restrained cinematography creates this vacant backdrop which evokes strong feelings of intrigue, excitement and general uneasiness. “Alaina” is not a film which showcases the acting talent of its cast as it is very visual storytelling.

“Alaina” successfully lures the viewer into its world. It doesn’t achieve this by pulling you in …it comes to you through the screen and into your own personal space until you are surrounded. A special intimate little film which dares and stimulates the senses.

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